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The start of my second journey

I have been going through this amazing journey within the past few months.  It’s been the second spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Things have never made so much sense.  When we take off our lenses we realize how this world is nothing what it seems.  We are so caught up in the frame of the paintings but don’t take time to understand the paintings.  We are confused, as people.  We are lost.  We lost ourselves a long time ago.  We have no feeling, accountability, we have lost so much compassion and love.  We are brainwashed to think we need all this stuff, we need a title, we need to be successful.  In the end, we have all these problems, broken relationships, worry, stress, bills and we look to see whats wrong with us.  We forget that we are these beautiful spiritual beings.  Created by a God greater then any of our minds can comprehend.  We forget how we are all brothers and sisters with the same father.  How we share this journey together.  How each one of us have special gifts and how much we have grown away from our spiritual self.  These world is like an interactive realm where we are tested, we are blessed to be apart of this life.  But what do we do with it?  What good, what greatness can we do to help others.  How many times has our anger drew lines between us, who have we become.  We have forgotten who we are and why we are here.


“Thou shalt not kill”


what really does this mean? When I ask that question what I’m really wondering is if this is just applied to humans or animals as well? Many vegetarians may agree that its applied to both. I’d like to better understand spirituality and vegetarianism.

In December 2012 my life was going through a major change. A change that I couldn’t even begin to be able to comprehend. My world felt like it was flipped upside down. For years and years I had been trying to live with ear muffs on. Denying the things I felt. At my lowest moments I was praying every night asking for someone to make the things I saw and felt stop (in terms of spirit). They never did stop but I did find somewhat of a way of coping. It was called lying. I would lie to myself everyday pretending that I didn’t “feel”, “see” or “know.”

All that changed when December 2012 rolled in. The volume increased fiercely. I could no longer deny anything. I had spirits coming to me daily. I had strong empath skills developing and my psychic skills were amplified. I saw spirit from everything, plants, animals, people. Everything began to move with this divine harmony in life. It was humbling to see this.

I revisit that month in my mind often because these changes I was going through effected so many areas of my life that I find it fascinating.
I no longer wanted to eat meat. I was eating meat every other day or more before this. Infact, I made a conscious point of doing it as I had an iron issue.
Giving it up was “different.” The first week or so I was disgusted by it. This came out of nowhere but as time progressed I just had this feeling of simply “not wanting it.” I figured, “I’ll just eat it whenever I feel like it again.” Going on 9 months here, I still haven’t felt like eating it. It puzzles me how my body could just have no urge for something it was trained to like and digest in these 29 years.

What did it all mean? Is there a connection between spiritual advancement and vegetarianism?

For a full month – all of January 2013 I ate salads galore. I felt like I couldn’t get enough vegetables in. It almost felt like I was replenishing after a fast or something. I felt good as I still had energy and my stomach issues disappeared. Above all, my gifts continued to evolve. Today, its a night and day difference in comparison from where I was in December. It doesn’t feel as a result of a change of diet. Does this make sense? It’s like when you are getting ready to move into a nicer home and you go though all your things to donate the items you no longer need. This is my relationship to meat. It’s simply just not needed anymore.

I wonder if this “meat” change and the spiritual change I was going through are connected? I have read a few articles online that some folks say “giving up meat” is part of a spiritual process of evolving. I found this very interesting and couldn’t help but wonder if this could have been applied to myself.

My Rites of Passage


My Rites of Passage –Thank you spirit for your guidance

To love without judgement.  For when we judge we are saying we are above mankind.

To respect the earth and put her before our self driven wants and needs.

To accept that regardless of religion or skin we are all brothers and sisters from the same god.  It’s only us that separate ourselves among each-other.

To realize that we are just a tiny, small piece of the great creators web and respect our place within her web.

To embrace spirit in opening our hearts and minds so our ancestors may communicate among us.

To realize that material “wants” and “needs” are distractions.  Distractions on what’s truly needed to survive.

To constantly evolve to be a better version of our-self.

To recognize that we all have blood on our hands as long as we take part in supporting this system.

To pass on knowledge and help others see the light.

To see that we have a responsibility to others and the great creator.

To recognize that we have been blessed with a mind which allows us to think for our-self.

To remember that if we take from the earth, we must give back to her. (recycle people…)