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A student

I’ve humbly started this journey again of trying to continue down my spiritual path.  My soul keeps urging me to continue.  In doing so, I’ve come to terms with my experiences in my life and trying to understand where I’m at today.

It seems the majority of life I’ve been dabbling between the astral plane and the earthy plane.  For some reason I tend to dip into the astral plane which is where my medium experiences are coming from.  But this is not a place where I want to spend my time, I want to evolve to the next phase of life.  The astral plane is kind of like drinking the cool-aide.  You have to be careful you don’t get sucked in.  It’s funny, I always thought these experiences made me different/not fit in.  But that’s not the case, we will all tap into this plane at some point during our journey.  I don’t want these experiences to define me.

I’ve had a couple visitations with my spirit guides as an adult and angels when I was little.  It’s taken me many years to understand these experiences.  I’m at the point where I feel I’m ready for a teacher.  I’m continuing to work with the light through mediation and prayer but I know I could benefit from having a teacher.  Until that point I’m going to continue teaching myself.


The start of my second journey

I have been going through this amazing journey within the past few months.  It’s been the second spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Things have never made so much sense.  When we take off our lenses we realize how this world is nothing what it seems.  We are so caught up in the frame of the paintings but don’t take time to understand the paintings.  We are confused, as people.  We are lost.  We lost ourselves a long time ago.  We have no feeling, accountability, we have lost so much compassion and love.  We are brainwashed to think we need all this stuff, we need a title, we need to be successful.  In the end, we have all these problems, broken relationships, worry, stress, bills and we look to see whats wrong with us.  We forget that we are these beautiful spiritual beings.  Created by a God greater then any of our minds can comprehend.  We forget how we are all brothers and sisters with the same father.  How we share this journey together.  How each one of us have special gifts and how much we have grown away from our spiritual self.  These world is like an interactive realm where we are tested, we are blessed to be apart of this life.  But what do we do with it?  What good, what greatness can we do to help others.  How many times has our anger drew lines between us, who have we become.  We have forgotten who we are and why we are here.

My life path

Those who know me best know how seriously I take gardening. Over the past six months, I have connected again with my roots and sunk my fingers in the soil of mother earth. Everything living, is like a gift and to be apart of it creates a divine connection between humans and spirit. At times I believe that if many understood the connection between all living things such as plants and spirit, they would have the answer to life in the palm of their hands. However this is not the case, atleast not with most people.

Some plants are known as medicines and for some reason this one particular plant or medicine was in my dream.

A few weeks ago I had this dream that didn’t really feel like a dream but I was not in this realm. I remember being outside somewhere. The terrain was dry, similar to the desert and I was walking along the road. This road looked familiar. Like one I had traveled down before. This road in my dream was supposed to signify my life path and although it had a direction already assigned to it, it seemed to be directed by someone or something else. I became determined to try to understand who was directing my life path. So I began searching along this road. The road turned from charcoal colors to colors of black and moved like waves in the ocean. I seen a figure or the outline of one and I knew this was the person so I began walking closer. As I got closer I realized this was not a person at all but a tall cacti. As I came up I seen the eyes, like waves of black oceans. “You have to listen and I’ll tell you where to go.” I heard. Telepathically I knew that this being was here to tell me my life path was changing. I woke.

Sometimes we just don’t have all the answers. Spirit or no spirit.
I’m unsure of the meaning behind this or why I had this dream/vision out of the blue. I am still trying to understand

Grandma Mildred


When most of us think about guardian angels we think of a sort of angel watching over us. Almost like we are their assignment, to watch over us with care and guidance. What we may not realize is that some of our guardian angels are passed loved ones.
I have been trying to poke at my mothers ancestry side for years. And I have been very good at being unsuccessful. Not from a spiritual level but just trying to understand the family line. There was something special about that particular family line. Over the past few months I have begun learning why. As I mentioned in other blogs, my mother is open a bit and so is my grandma. Both has had spiritual encounters and do believe in spirit.
My mothers friend talked her into going to a group session with a medium who specialized in working with loved ones who has passed on. Right away the woman walked over to my mom who was just another number in the room of 12-15 people. “I am drawn to you for some reason and I am unsure why” she said. My mother smiled. Knowing she is obviously my mother and the light I shine, does not shine far from my loved ones. The woman proceeded to tell my mom about her grandma (my mothers, mothers, mother who’s name was Mildred.) She said that her grandma, although she passed on early from cancer and didn’t get much time to spend with my mother – felt close to my mother. She said she thought my mom was a beautiful soul and she was actually one of my moms guardian angels. She also said that she not only watched over her but also one of the children. The medium said, “you have two kids – one girl and one boy.” My mom smiled again and said “I have two girls.” See this is very common, whenever my mom has readings they mistaken me for a boy which is funny because I was supposed to be a boy. Doctors and everything told my mother, I was a boy until I was born and clearly they seen I was infact a girl.
The lady proceeded, your grandma watches over your daughter closely. My mom said “my older daughter you mean?” And the lady proceeded, “no your daughter with the big, curly hair.” My mother smiled and laughed. I am the only on in the family with big, curly, hair. “Tell her, she has to finish her book.” So my mother called me up and told me about Grandma Mildred. “Have you ever communicated with my grandma?” She asked. “I wouldn’t really say communicated but I have felt her at times and I both think and talk about her often.” I have never met her, she died before my time and the family doesn’t speak of her. I find myself asking allot of questions at times just to better understand the family dynamics. “Please talk to my grandma my mother said.” Her words were like the worst tear-jerker card I have ever read, they hit a note on my spine made my knees feel weak with sympathy. It’s not that I didn’t want to speak to grandma Mildred, its that I have never been told that its ok. And deep down I feared that I disappointed her. Grandma Mildred was telling this medium about my not wild side but more of a open minded sometimes risk taking side which was another reason she watched over me.
And so I decided to work first on accepting this.
A few nights ago I was at my parents visiting when I seen spirit. Not just any spirit. It was grandma Mildred. She was just making hr presence known and wanted to be present as we were spending family time together. I gave my mom a signal and continued on with the evening. I had company over that evening and upon getting home from my parents, I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. A few hours later my company woke up hearing someone calling my name in the family room. It was a lady’s voice and they called me as if they were looking for me. I slept right through this and the person who heard this thought he was dreaming until he realized he was awake and I was still sleeping. After waking he told me what happened and I knew, it was grandma Mildred. This person who was here does not know anything about spirit and although he didn’t talk about it much, he did mention- that he never had anything like that happen before. He even got up and looked to see who was calling me and found nothing. My goal this week is to let Mildred know she is welcome to come forward and for me to work harder on accepting this part of me. It’s been the hardest challenge of my life thus far.

A new moon opens a new path


Yesterday was a new moon day. New moon days are always good days for me. Even if they don’t feel that way at the moment, there is always something life changing about them for me. Yesterday – last night proved to be no different.

I had another dream last night of a run-away. This one was different though. She was still alive. I was trying to help guide her. I woke up confused and went about my morning not thinking much of it.

I’m a part of a private community online that helps assist in animal communications. This page is run by a close friend of mine. Whether a pet is missing and someone needs help from beyond in locating them or trying to understand some behavioral issues from a pet. This community helps to assist in this process. There are tons of wonderful stories thus as a result. This page has been a great inspiration!

When I logged on this morning it really connected the dots for me. I have had a number of spirits who are children come to me and walk me through their life and death. I never really knew what to do with the information. How I can help both them and their loved ones so I ask for more guidance. A light bulb came on this morning as I realized a way of helping others by bridging the gap between the physical plane and spirit. I am going to create a private Facebook page that will be run by myself and other psychics, mediums and empaths to help people with their missing children. When I say a “private page” no one will be allowed to view the page and take part in it unless they are part of team running it or have a missing child. It will be spread by word of mouth.

If there is any psychics, mediums and empaths that is willing to join me in these efforts, please reach out to me.

Many blessings ~

My second experiment – healing loved ones


Between yesterday and today I have been trying a second experiment using healing.

Yesterday morning I did some lightwork again on my mother without her knowing. Let me first say, I ask permission from her highers to perform the work on her before I begin. Once I receive the ok, I proceed with calling down the light.

When I use the word “highers” I am referring to these higher beings who help assist in the lightwork process. They are not guardian angels or dead people, they work with each individuals light specifically. In this case, I was communicating with my mothers highers.

Yesterday morning I focused on doing a thorough cleansing of her aura and calling on light that I thought would help her mood and help her on more of a emotional level. I guess as a daughter, we always want out mothers to be happy so naturally I thought this best. It was very interesting. Her highers opened up communication with me and told me that my mother had been praying. I could “hear” her praying in her voice for the family. Most specifically my father. I could also physically feel them with me as I was working with the light to help her.

Afterwords, I sent her e-mail as I do everyday and asked how she was doing. She said she felt good mentally but was having issues with her energy. She felt bogged down. I felt the lightwork worked on a minimal level. I know these things take months to work. But I did see my mother as a person with very minimal issues so therefore I knew she had the capability to feel the results faster then others.

Even though I woke up a little under the weather – sore throat started. This morning I decided to try another route. The whole time I have been doing what “I” feel best for her. And this is based off a daughters opinion which honestly shouldn’t count. I performed my lightwork on myself but when I finished I asked once again for permission to work on my mother. After her highers agreed I spoke to them advising them of my mothers issue’s regarding physical energy. I know there is a mind – body connection but I also knew that I myself did not feel qualified to determine what was best for her. I asked for their guidance instead. Right away they responded and said I needed to work on her hermetic center. Ok, no problem I thought and I began. It didn’t take long for me to see she had some dark clouds around this center.

The hermetic center is responsible for all your activities in life. When its clouded, its hard to have time to “create” in our lives because we are being bogged down by too many earthy activities. It can feel like your putting out fires most of the time. So I worked on clearing the clouds away.

I next told her highers that I wasn’t sure which ray to use on her. I asked for direction. I seen some purple and silver stars on the page next to a ray responsible for uplifting. Also known as the “white light.” The purple and silver stars are one of the ways spirit communicates with me. This is very common. I was pleased with their choice. The white light is used to uplift and being the holy vibration to this center as you often feel disconnected from this light as a result of too much earthy activities. As I did this, I felt someone holding my hand so I knew I was getting assistance from her highers with throughout this process.

I e-mailed her after to fess about about the experiment and ask her in more detail about how she was feeling physically & mentally.

She told me she felt great but woke up with a sore throat. This was strange as I too woke up with a sore throat and I hadn’t seen her in a couple weeks. I also work from home so its rare I catch anything virus related. She also said she felt a sense of peace. Even though she did have the sore throat she said she felt like everything was just very minimal and she just went through the motions of her work day without feeling overwhelmed.

She seemed to believe very firmly that the life did help her, infact she felt extremely blessed to hear about the guidance from her highers. As I walk along through my journey, I can see the people around me blossoming like a flower. My mothers light has grown so much brighter and will continue as she is so full of love.

For every good thing we do, our light in our aura becomes brighter. Remember that. Life is truly beautiful!