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And he shed his light

And when the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them; and when the living creatures rose from the earth, the wheels rose. Wherever the spirit wanted to go, they went, and the wheels rose along with them, for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those rose from the earth, the wheels rose along with them, for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of an expanse, shining like awe-inspiring crystal, spread out above their heads. Ezekiel 1:19-22 ESV

To me, the light is the most beautiful part of seeing. It’s also one of the most confusing gifts to me because unlike spirit I do not have someone directly feeding me a message. I am still learning in great depth how to understand what I see better. When all is silent, I can communicate and understand what the light is showing but when I am trying to block it out or very busy it comes across as confusing and it can take me a while to decipher what I am seeing.

I went to a church service and there was a man who ran a church in Mexico visiting. When he was speaking to the people about his works I seen an Indigo light all around him. He was covered by this light and I seen no other color besides it as it was so dominant. It wasn’t until today that I started reading on the Indigo light. I have seen Indigo before, but not in any form like this and normally I will see it blended with other colors. This man was living within the light if that makes any sense. He was working within Gods light and following his own. He runs an orphanage for about 40 children out of Mexico providing them with 3 meals a day and a warm place to sleep. He also runs a church there as well.

What exactly does the Indigo light mean? What can it tell us about a person. This is the fascinating part. Let me break down a Indigo person~

Physical Deep body feelings, sensitive physical body, meditative, androgynous
Emotional Deep inner feelings, sensitivity, integrity, meditative awareness, introverted, androgynous, authenticity
Mental Aware, bright, artistic, clarity, creative and independent, intuition, inner knowing, higher mind, dedication.
Spiritual Higher knowledge, truth, spiritual, universal love, awareness and consciousness, experience inner planes of existence
Motivation Follow their higher truth and love and their inner guidance
Mission / Vision Spiritual growth, love and service, express their inner knowing
Growth Inner awareness, intuitive changes, guided by their heart-intuition
Exercise Walking, dancing, swimming, meditative, spiritual exercises
Recharge Battery Meditation, music, create own space, connect with God-Inner Self
Communication Soft, female voice with feeling, intuitive and inner communication
Interaction Considerate, careful, sensitive and divine action
Relationships Caring, depth, heartfelt, soul-to-soul, spiritual connections
Social, Friends Follow inner rules, not societies, few close friends
Money Clear concept, but unimportant, follow higher values and truth
Success Connection to God and Higher Self, live , and spirituality on earth
Occupation Helping others, live in harmony with their higher beliefs and truth
Career Spiritual healer, teacher, musician, artist, social worker, writer

Indigo people are pretty much walking God’s path that he set for them. It was truly amazing to be able to see someone beaming this light so vibrantly and so involved in helping children and teaching them. These are the types of people we should be learning from.

“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. Daniel 12:3


Animal instincts


Having the gift of clairvoyance, energy is apart of my everyday. Whether I am inside, at the forest preserve, in a store, energy is always everywhere and ALWAYS very apparent to me. By reading my blog, I am sure you may have heard I am expecting my first child. Because of my mother instincts to protect, nourish and care for my baby the way I have been responding to energy has been much different from the past. In a way, I feel I have been trying to shun what I see, feel and experience because I want my child to have a normal childhood. None the less, it never works very well. And its most likely for the best because we should not try to change who we are. Which leads into my post, animal instincts.

Everyday I try to walk. Most days, I do five miles plus. And for me walking is not just a physical exercise its about meditation, prayer, openness and connecting. Exercise is just a plus that comes along with the act itself. When I walk I am in nature. By the woods, next to the water and seeing the prairies. It’s amazing in everyway. Animals are apart of every walk I go on. Whether its a fox, cat, raccoon, hawk, the list goes on. When I first start walking I am focused on my baby to be honest. I want to ensure I don’t feel any discomfort to I am very focused on my physical self versus my mental self. Within about 10 minutes, my focus has changed and I am either meditating, praying or just trying to connect to the environment around me.

Something I always have noticed is I see allot of the same animals along my path in the same places. Certain bunnies enjoy specific places and so on. So as I started to take notice of this, I also noticed something else. Those animals that I approach in the beginning when I start walking always are skid-dish and hide. So I decided to do an experiment. For those who work with energy you are already aware but for others who are learning, let me explain a little about energy and the human aura. The aura is the energy field around us. ALL living things have an energy field. People, animals, plants, ALL living things. There are no exceptions. When we connect with someone, an animal, god, prayer, you name it – our energy field changes. Just as in our own emotions. We can change our energy field and outside influences can have an effect on our energy.

Through my direct experience of working with energy (the light) through medication and prayer, I have seen its direct effect on myself and others and people/animals around those individuals. Once you start to fully understand this concept and become more aware of your energy and what your putting out, you will start to understand our connection as people with eachother and all living things more clearer.

Back to my experiment. As I began walking I remained in my normal mindset. Focused on my physical self mindset and the baby. Several bunnies sensed me coming and ran into the woods as I got continued closer on my walking path. As normal I began to drift into my meditation stage and then my prayer stage and back into my mediation stage. As I am walking I am conscious of my surroundings. But my mental self is at a different level. Not even a few minutes into this I start to notice the bunnies not moving. Just staying put and they seemed at ease. Not scared or skid-dish. As I made a circle in my walking, the same bunnies that ran from me when I first started walking didn’t run, they too – were calm and collect. I repeated this experiment over a 3 day period. Everyday the same results reflected.

What did this experiment reflect? That our energy changes so significantly through meditation and prayer that it significantly changes how other living things perceive us along with providing positive affects among ourselves. Imagine if we constantly worked on ourselves and our connection through prayer how all the people around us would be effected. I have done experiments where I have prayed and mediated for over 3 hour everyday for weeks and the people treated and reacted towards me was completely different. I literally had strangers walking up to me telling me their life stories and halfway through stopping and saying, “I have no idea why I am telling you this, I mean this isn’t really stuff you tell people you don’t know.” People seemed to be at a different level with me during my experiment. The aura’s colors change so beautifully through prayer its amazing to see the transformation occur.

The picture I included in this post are of some baby bunnies that my husband and I nursed back to health after discovering an abandoned nest in our yard and finding dead siblings due to the severe weather changes. Around week 18 or so of my pregnancy these little ones fell into our care and our hearts. The animal connection we have is truly amazing if we are connected and open to it.

Reality as it is

If there is one thing that I have learned in my 30 years its that things are not always as they seem. This has applied to so much in my life. Everything from childhood to adulthood. As we follow our path of purpose we learn life in a very raw context. For me, I have always wanted to help people and the gift of seeing and feeling has allowed me to continue that path even if I don’t always understand what is being shown to me at that moment.

I remember when I was around 10. Going to a girlfriends house. I can still see what their home looked like. Where the rooms were, the way the kitchen looked but most of all the feeling in the home. There were 4 kids, one mother and no father present. The house was cute, a great size and painted with life from the outside. I remember going upstairs with my friend one time to talk to her mom, asking her permission to go play. I felt very strongly that the mother distraught. So while my friend finished up with chores I went back upstairs and went in her room to speak with her to try to make her feel better. She was a drug user and even at that age, I could tell she was not fully with it. I asked her why she was depressed and I sat down and spoke with her about her “adult problems.” As I came around more I seen what a bad atmosphere it was there. My friends sisters were scary abusive. They would beat her badly while the mom locked herself in her room. Yet, I found myself wanting to go back there to talk with the mother and help her. I felt I helped her on a very minimal level and to me it was not enough. Some things happened in that home that were hard for me to talk about for many years. Shortly after I had a moment of realization that I couldn’t help her. I endured a strong feeling of failure. And after I wondered for sometime why I was exposed to this.

Recently I have been having this occurrence lately in terms of spirit. Its happened a few times recently both in voice and appearance. A couple times I heard my husband or so I thought in the next room. He went from the bedroom then to a spare bedroom, move some things thus causing some noises then walked back into the bedroom. Thinking of course it was my husband I began talking to him. Not getting a response I found myself feeling curious. So I walked down the hall and in the master bedroom only to find the bathroom door closed. I asked him what he needed and he didn’t know what I was talking about. When I mentioned to him that I heard him he felt a little alarmed knowing of course that was impossible. He began checking to make sure no-one was in the house. This is the moment when I realized it was spirit I saw and not him. It happened again the other night but this time when he didn’t respond I knew better. As I walked down the hall I heard the restroom fan on and knew it was spirit again. This unfortunately is very familiar to me as it used to happen in my first marriage as well. There are a number of times where I seem to have issues distinguishing the living from spirit. Whether its at home or in public, I have found myself asking on several occasions “did you see that?”

I think some people may have a false perception of how life is for those who are open. Normal life, normal daily activities are not normal at all. Nothing really is. There is always something else going on and you are always aware of it. When I was little I came into this world on a mission to help others and was guided by spirit. Thirty years later, I am still struggling to understand as I see my gift change over the years and continue to develop. I don’t always have answers. But out of everything my biggest struggle has always remained consistent, its been with life in general. Normal day to day life…. Following my heart in spirit has taken me on a very tough path and has tested me on all levels to the point where I don’t see things the same as others anymore. Reality therefore continues to be what we make of it. We seem to define our own reality. As people as we continue to put our wants and needs ahead of what our purpose as people in life.

Grandpa’s presence

Over a year ago I was in another relationship with someone who had allot of spirit attached to them. There are a variety of reasons why some people have more spirit attached to them while other have a few. This particular individual had spirit attached to him because of his roots, because of unfinished business and because he had a calling that he had not risen to. Some people want to know everything around them but there comes a point of time where in a relationship with someone who sees, such as myself that this can lead to complications.

During the time I was with my ex I seen his grandpa, his grandpa’s brother, his grandma, and several natives behind him. The first one to step forward was his grandfather. A really nice man. He appeared to my left facing the direction of east. I didn’t know the significance at the time but the more visitors I had, the more I learned that when I am with someone their spirits always appear to me in the direction to the east when conveying as message. The Eagle is the direction of the east and the eagle is the animal I feel closest to. They always appear in my life.
Back to his grandfather…. He stood crouched down a bit and had dark skin. He had a close association to my ex but he felt comfortable to talk to woman so he came to me. After I communicated this to my ex, I learned that his grandfather had to walk with a cane which is why he was crouched and when I asked about his skin he said he was not light-colored like my ex. He had the darker tone skin. His grandfather continued coming to me. He was worried about his wife who was still alive and also was concerned over some family politics. We were together for maybe 6 months and during that whole time his grandfather continued coming forward. I would communicate these messages to my ex who would then call his grandma and communicate them to her. She missed him dearly. I really liked his grandfather. It’s not that he was a very personable man, he was just respectable. It’s kind of like a man of few words sort of thing. You always respect those folks because they choose their words so carefully. When I would talk to my ex, his grandfather would sometimes step forward if there was something to be added.

It’s always interesting how close our family is even after they pass. When given the opportunity I always remind people that their loved ones are still here, still a soul but just that they have moved on past life as we know it.

What do emotions look like?

“I had a rough morning” I suppose we all have our ways of wording events that created feelings thus as a result.
I am one of those people who doesn’t get really mad easily. In fact, I try not to let such emotions run my life because at the end of the day, they are just that…. emotions.
For the first time in a very long time I was extremely angry the other day. When I began elevating this anger and allowing it to take control the strangest thing happened. I seen this anger! The anger manifested itself in a silver light but not the normal lovely shinning silver light I am used to seeing. A harsh silver lighting that actually stressed my eyes when looking at it. It was ugly and consuming. All I could see was this light coming from everywhere. All directions. I took out my phone and I couldn’t even read the keyboard. This silver was so shinny it was reflective. Perhaps this energy was reflecting itself back to me so I could feel directly what I was putting out. I have never seen anything like it and to see that it come from me, from my own doing, was hard to digest.
What does emotions look like? If you talk to some clairvoyant’s they may describe a color chart. In which all the colors have the same meaning. I myself do not believe this applies to everyone. For me, there has never been a manual to follow.
I believe if you work with the light it will directly speak in a language that you understand. I have never found the light mis-leading infact, anytime I have asked for guidance I have always been answered with love and grace.
Some examples of colors with specific meanings for me are as follows~ Pink – I see pink when there is allot of love. I will see it coming from a person and also around their center. Avocado green – this is not a pleasant color to see. I see this color when someone is so bogged down with stress that the person is actually beginning to get separated from their true nature due to stress. I will see a large white ball of light above some people when they are praying and have connected through prayer to their past loved ones. The ball of light signifies their loved ones present through prayer. This is not one I see often.
There is so much energy that we put out into the world everyday. With this said, t’s important to try to release the most positive and enlightening energy.
As I always say, each day we wake with a blank canvas and we are the artist who choose what colors to paint the day with.

My Spiritual and Physical Cleanse

Yesterday while performing my morning light work I was having some issues.  My troubles began when I started working the light through my abdominal area and down.  I felt strong blockages within my body that were now working its way to my mind.  I could barely get through two rays.  I specifically felt issues with my liver and intestines.

I knew that I needed to start a cleanse immediately!  I ran out to stock up on ingredients that morning.  I needed to do physical and spiritual cleanse.  I have done these before but never to the extent that I was about to try.  I know allot about cleanses, risks, positives, expectations… But there is one area I haven’t experienced yet and its the spiritual peak of a cleanse.  I am going to update this post daily as I walk you through my experience.  Cleanses can be dangerous for people who do not follow it precisely and/or are reckless about it – not listening to their body’s responses.  I have a very specific set of directions I am following.  This is a liquid concoction no solids allowed.  Let the cleansing begin!

This Cleanse is known as the Oh so famous…. “Master Cleanse!”  So if you know of this cleanse, you know already… my goal is 10 days!

My daily regimen consist of four cups of salt water each morning, 6 -12 cups of a liquid concoction throughout the day with plenty of water and a cleaning tea before bed.

Note – As you know, along with many cleanses… this one is very famous for weightloss.  Although this is not my intention of doing the cleanse, Sure a few pounds loss would be cool.  I’ll be checking myself to debunk a very famous rumor “this cleanse only makes you loose lean muscle and water.”  I’ll be proving this wrong as my scale measures my body fat & water.  I measured at the start and I will measure again, after the cleanse.  I also looked up to see what a healthy water % is for me.

Day 1:

Regimen –  Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – I felt full nearly all day.  I have never had so much energy.  I could not sit still.  I went for a walk twice and did kickboxing.  I feel great!  Very alive and positive!  In the evening I had a minor headache but it soon subsided.  I noticed a slight increase in perception in terms of spirit.

Day 2:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – I woke up to some uncomfortable cramping in my abdominal area.  It subsided within a half an hour of waking.  While walking this morning and noticed I ached a bit which was unusual for me.  Mid-morning I had an issue and I noticed that I became very emotional.  I actually cried for no apparent reason and I felt pretty moody after….. I went for another walk around lunch and it felt great! Perception to spirit continues to intensify more then usual and more then yesterday.  As I did my light work this afternoon I could feel the light starting to work its way again.  There is still allot of work to be done.  Cheers to that!

Day 3:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – Wow!  Day three, ok!  So yesterday evening I was a ball of emotions. It’s interesting how this cleanse is working its way through me on an emotional level. I’m sure my persistent light work has something to do with that as well.  This morning I feel good!  I’m going to attempt a walk regardless of the rain!  This cleanse is really working, I can feel it on all levels today.  I ended up going for another walk in the afternoon (besides the morning walk).  The energy spurts are really amazing.  Day three, check!

Day 4:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – I woke up at about 3 am with my stomach in knots.  The cramping felt pretty similar to the feeling I experience being a woman but not as severe.  Still the pain was enough to sweep me off my feet in agony.  It lasted only about 45 minutes, then subsided.  Today I started to notice I have a glow. There is little need for makeup – atleast concealer anymore.  I went for a walk around noon and in the evening again.  Wasn’t very hungry today for the mixture but I still did glasses.  Pretty good day, looking forward to day five!

Day 5:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Stats – I did not weight myself on day 1 but I did start on day 2.  So far, I have lost 5 pounds, reduced my body fat by 2% and my water % is still within the “normal, healthy” range.  Feeling – Half way through!  Well, maybe…. If my schedule allows it I will go longer.  Today I woke up with stomach issues again but I once again within about 45 minutes it disappeared.  For the most part, this diet is easy if your schedule allows it.  There are a few moments where it is hard and you do question the higher purpose for doing this cleanse. Since for me its been all spiritual & health related, I really feel I have to see this through.  Here I am, relaxing after a full day.  I cleaned out the spare bedroom at atleast two hours, went for two walks, ran errands and worked 8 hours. I feel really really good.  The feeling is not like another feeling I’ve experienced before.  Let’s go day 6, bring it!

Day 6:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – Stomach issues again this morning due to the tea I have to drink before bed.  Although each day they get milder and milder so I just ride them out.  I continue to feel a stronger connection with spirit.  I think because I am working on me.  I feel more in rhythm.  Yesterday especially.  At the same time I am doing this cleanse as I mentioned prior I am doing by daily light work but I am also dedicating an additional 1.5 hours plus to furthering my education on light work.  I feel like I’m in school everyday because I have made it such a mandatory part of the routine.  And believe me, this cleanse will create a short term routine.  Well today was a great energy filled day!  I worked out with my cardio dance tape for 20 mins, went for a walk, worked and spent the evening shopping with my mother.

Day 7:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – Another morning of stomach issues.  To see that I am going through this even on the seventh day of my detox is a real eye opener of how much stuff is built up in our bodies. Later this morning my back pains became so extreme that I had to lay down.  After I woke, I went for a walk.  Besides the back pains I have pains also in my ribs.  I read this is very natural to feel these things as the body is cleansing. On an additional note, I cleaned out the whole spare bedroom and finished allot of projects that I hadn’t had the time to get to.  That BIG spurt of energy that people talk about while on this cleanse…. I know exactly what they mean. All afternoon I have been running all over the place.  Then when I got home I went for another walk and ended up walking over 3 miles.  It felt amazing!  It’s hard to put into words but I feel so alive!

Day 8:

Regimen – Following outlined regimen.  Feeling – The stomach issues continue.  In the mornings it can be very hard to see past these because the pain is pretty intense. But by the afternoon you feel so good, that you feel you could give up food for a very long time!

I have decided today would be the last day of the cleanse.  As mentioned earlier, you need to have the time to complete this and unfortunately my schedule will not allow the time the next couple days needed- especially with the mornings I have been having.  It’s ok, though.  The first time I did this for 3-4 days, this time – I lasted 8 days.  What an accomplishment!

Result – I lost 8 pounds in 8 days, feel great inside and out and although I didn’t go the full 10 days – I still feel accomplished.  I plan on doing this cleanse on and off to keep my body clean!  While on this cleanse I finished half a book and was able to take my energy work to a new level.  Spiritually I felt this cleanse helped me concentrate better when connecting because during the cleanse I had learned how to overcome some physical body related needs with the mind.  For example – hunger and pains.  This exercise in itself was a great lessen.  Master cleanse – I’ll be back for round two!

This is a very highly debatable cleanse.  Mostly because it is indeed extreme.  But let me say this, is no more extreme then popping prescription pills for the rest of your life or smoking a pack of smokes everyday.