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and they wondered if she was special too

Ever since conception I seen this silver light around my daughter. If you have followed my blog you already know this is partially how I discovered I was pregnant. There were times in my pregnancy that let my fear take ahold of me and I would place my hand on my stomach and see her light and know she was alright. It gave me faith when I needed it most. After she was born I continued to see this light. Its always around her.

In the beginning I thought this was a light of creation. A light that maybe babies have and their connection with mother. But after seeing this light around her constantly I realized a couple months ago it was her.
My mom wonders allot if my daughter is gifted. She has wondered this since finding out I was pregnant. Inside I have known for a while that she is. I don’t know how she is gifted but in my heart I know it for a fact. I hope that I will be able to help her when she discovers she is different. Perhaps my gifts are meant to help her.

When I was little I knew I was different for as long as I can remember.  It was a very matter of fact.  I remember as early as six talking to my mom about how I had to help people so I could be an angel.  I was obsessed with being an angel.  My mom thought it was abnormal but just blew it off as back in the 80’s talk like this was no common.  She realized as I got older that something was incredibly different and then mapped it all the way back to even her pregnancy with me being different.

When I was young I relied on mom 110%.  I felt she was the ONLY one that could ever understand me and believe me.  She was the only person I decided to open up to until I was 29.  She became more then a mother or a best friend she become part of me.  And I feel I am tied to her at a spiritual level.

I don’t know the path for my daughter but I do know that I will also be there to help her.  I have no idea why my family is the way we are but these different gifts have been passed down through generation.  To our knowledge mine is currently the most in depth one.  But I feel maybe my daughters will be stronger yet.

Silver aura’s are exceptionally gifted.  Only time will tell I suppose but my little silver flower continues to blossom with everyday.images


Grandma Mildred


When most of us think about guardian angels we think of a sort of angel watching over us. Almost like we are their assignment, to watch over us with care and guidance. What we may not realize is that some of our guardian angels are passed loved ones.
I have been trying to poke at my mothers ancestry side for years. And I have been very good at being unsuccessful. Not from a spiritual level but just trying to understand the family line. There was something special about that particular family line. Over the past few months I have begun learning why. As I mentioned in other blogs, my mother is open a bit and so is my grandma. Both has had spiritual encounters and do believe in spirit.
My mothers friend talked her into going to a group session with a medium who specialized in working with loved ones who has passed on. Right away the woman walked over to my mom who was just another number in the room of 12-15 people. “I am drawn to you for some reason and I am unsure why” she said. My mother smiled. Knowing she is obviously my mother and the light I shine, does not shine far from my loved ones. The woman proceeded to tell my mom about her grandma (my mothers, mothers, mother who’s name was Mildred.) She said that her grandma, although she passed on early from cancer and didn’t get much time to spend with my mother – felt close to my mother. She said she thought my mom was a beautiful soul and she was actually one of my moms guardian angels. She also said that she not only watched over her but also one of the children. The medium said, “you have two kids – one girl and one boy.” My mom smiled again and said “I have two girls.” See this is very common, whenever my mom has readings they mistaken me for a boy which is funny because I was supposed to be a boy. Doctors and everything told my mother, I was a boy until I was born and clearly they seen I was infact a girl.
The lady proceeded, your grandma watches over your daughter closely. My mom said “my older daughter you mean?” And the lady proceeded, “no your daughter with the big, curly hair.” My mother smiled and laughed. I am the only on in the family with big, curly, hair. “Tell her, she has to finish her book.” So my mother called me up and told me about Grandma Mildred. “Have you ever communicated with my grandma?” She asked. “I wouldn’t really say communicated but I have felt her at times and I both think and talk about her often.” I have never met her, she died before my time and the family doesn’t speak of her. I find myself asking allot of questions at times just to better understand the family dynamics. “Please talk to my grandma my mother said.” Her words were like the worst tear-jerker card I have ever read, they hit a note on my spine made my knees feel weak with sympathy. It’s not that I didn’t want to speak to grandma Mildred, its that I have never been told that its ok. And deep down I feared that I disappointed her. Grandma Mildred was telling this medium about my not wild side but more of a open minded sometimes risk taking side which was another reason she watched over me.
And so I decided to work first on accepting this.
A few nights ago I was at my parents visiting when I seen spirit. Not just any spirit. It was grandma Mildred. She was just making hr presence known and wanted to be present as we were spending family time together. I gave my mom a signal and continued on with the evening. I had company over that evening and upon getting home from my parents, I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. A few hours later my company woke up hearing someone calling my name in the family room. It was a lady’s voice and they called me as if they were looking for me. I slept right through this and the person who heard this thought he was dreaming until he realized he was awake and I was still sleeping. After waking he told me what happened and I knew, it was grandma Mildred. This person who was here does not know anything about spirit and although he didn’t talk about it much, he did mention- that he never had anything like that happen before. He even got up and looked to see who was calling me and found nothing. My goal this week is to let Mildred know she is welcome to come forward and for me to work harder on accepting this part of me. It’s been the hardest challenge of my life thus far.

Light Reading – Not literally

Less than two months ago I purchased a book a friend recommended.  It’s called “change your Aura, change your life.”  She thought it would help teach me to use the light for clearer communication.  I’m about halfway through, a little less.  Since starting the book I noticed some major changes to the ways I communicate with spirit.  I have only seen Aura’s on others and myself under five times.  Aura’s aren’t common for me.  Seeing spirit hearing spirit and feeling both spirit and other people’s feelings and ailments is common.

The way this book helped me is in associating the different colors and lights with different meanings.  Instead of feeling constantly overwhelmed by spirit there seems to be a more clear communication coming in using light.  Some meanings match the meanings in the book but others meanings were specific for what I associate a color with.  For example, a green light – it’s associated with nature.  However I associate the green light not only with nature but also the connection one has to their roots.  Like an ancestry connection because just as roots of a plant we are connected to our own roots within nature.

I see light now in a whole new “light” so to speak.  Before while speaking with someone I may see spirit, orbs, stars or other signs but now I also will see rays of light.  It’s very different.  The rays bring a whole new level of communication to me.  The color and sometimes the shape tell me about the person along with my normal “spirit notifications.”  One of the colors that seems to be my color is violet.  I see violet allot.  Many times when I am tuning  in.  I will see orbs, blobs, outlines, forms and rays.