January / February 2013 Journal Entries

Journal Entry 1-30-2013

I had a dentist appointment today.  I assumed the visit to be just a normal check up.

The dental assistant was the same one I used to always have.  It had been maybe a year or so since I had seen her last.  She was making small talk and just catching up when I felt a presence of a child.  A male.  He was young and had noted that he had grown on the other side.  I was given information that she had lost a baby.  This was really a sensitive one but there was something about the day or timing – whatever it was, I needed to deliver the message.  I tried to see if perhaps I could work an angle to make a point of getting my message across.  “Did you mention you had a vacation planned with your husband.”  She said she did.  “It’s nice being able to travel isn’t it?  I remember when we were young my parents could not travel and do some of these things and now that we are older then can enjoy taking time off.  Kids are good but sometimes when you have kids you are not able to experience some things in life.  She nodded and said she was lucky to marry a man with kids.  You know those kids consider you their mother and these are your children you were meant to have in this life.  You consider them your own as well.”  Her eyes flushed up and she nodded.  She said she couldn’t have children of her own.  But these are your kids you are meant to have this life.  She smiled and continued to water up and kept talking as I could feel she didn’t want me to leave, she wanted to talk more.  She gave me a hug and I continued on my way.

Journal Entry 2-18-2013 

I was heading to Arizona in the cab.  On the way, I knew this was a journey I had to do alone and I knew I would be crossing paths with someone significant.  Someone to be remembered.

On the airplane in my third eye I seen three purple triangles.  The background was all black.

Journal Entry 2-21-2013

On the way driving from Phoenix – Sedona I received a few messages once I hit Prescott.
I seen cold climates, Native’s wearing heavy clothing made from animals.  Something was mentioned about a buffalo and about a burial and sacred.  My legs began to feel cold.

I seen myself in a jeep with a child going the same route eating Twizzlers.  (Something my mother used to always get for trips when I was a child.)

No idea what the significance is with the Buffalo as I thought AZ was too hot.  I will ask who ever I run into about this Buffalo.  The burial and sacred messages I got was around some sort of ceremony.


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