I suppose we all have a story and so this is mine.  I consider myself a pretty normal person.  Whatever “normal” is applied to these days.  I pay taxes, don’t kill people and have tried the marriage thing once.

Growing up in the Midwest writing has always been a passion a mine.  I’ve traveled, experienced and continue to live…consciously.

I love to sing when I’m alone, hold furry animals and have hula-hooping skills that I’m sure would qualify for the book of world records.

Underneath all that I have been living a lie for what I have felt and experienced in my life so far.  I connect with nature, people and spirit on multiple levels.  I hope by sharing my personal experiences and coming out of the closet so to speak with the world that we can create a network helping to educate, guide and collaborate amongst one another.

Please feel free to reach out,

Many blessings.


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