And then she seen another star

It’s hard to believe I haven’t written a blog in a year.  So much has changed and yet spirit hasn’t.

After the fourth of July I started seeing a star again.  This happened when I was pregnant with my first child.  I could see her light outside of the womb.  I was convinced I was pregnant.  I think I took 5 pregnancy tests, all negative.  I finally decided to just relax. But my intuition was telling me there was a reason for this little glowing light.  The next day two tests confirmed I was indeed expecting.  I’m 35 weeks now and counting with another girl.

Why I see their light is something I still have no answers for.  When I’m pregnant I see it all the time and after I deliver the light is gone.

The last two days I have been feeling spirit so intensely.  I feel too distracted by motherhood recently to answer the calls and to understand why the increase in movement.  All I got was “family gathering.”

In the year since I wrote, motherhood has transformed me.  I’m not ashamed of who I am, the path I’ve chosen and how I am.  I have 2 babies now who need a strong mother to show them direction in life.  Everyday I hear my baby call for me but I also hear spirit.  I know there are things I can help my daughter with and offer her that perhaps others can’t and for that alone, I’m grateful as I embrace the light.

I know even for my family it may be hard at times to understand what I see & feel but we are not put on this earth to have all the answers.  We are set out to discover life and embrace every part of the journey, even the unknown.





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